Beneath the farmers tan, there’s just a really tired kid. 

A Skeptic’s Love Song | Just Nick

Free music forever!

I want to see these guys again. 


Sometimes I’m the Al Gore of my social circle,

the unelected, the second best

and very rarely, I’m a real fuckin’ pushover

sleepin’ in ‘til 10 am has never felt better

i’m just a bedpunk, makin’ the most of my last summer

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Today only! 



Well, I feel guilty when I feel selfish, 

and lately I’ve been feeling selfish most of the time. 

If my thoughts are ugly, does that make me ugly?

Well, lately I’ve been feeling that way most of the time.

the banjo is so tasty/sexy/cool/justintimberlake in this song

new swedding with twigers

I want to put out your band’s tape.

Hey all, here’s a message to all of my fellow musicians.

As you may, or may not know, I run a tape label on the side called Swet Records. We need three new projects lined up by tomorrow night. I have the opportunity to receive a grant for ‘a creative project,’ *cough* the record label *cough,* from my school. This will save you and I a bunch of money. Let me know if your band is interested. 



Just Nick | I Hate Everything

We were making out in bed,
she moaned “oh, God”
and I moaned “God is dead”.
She said “hey man, what’s your problem?”
“I’m sorry, girl, I hate everything;
I hate the system and how I can’t remember your name”.

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Cover one of my songs for kisses, k?



Why owe you anything more than a big ‘fuck you’? 

that mandolin part

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So shirts are a go, at least I hope they are. I’m definitely going to have to do a little crowd-funding project to get it started, maybe just a pre-order. How do you guys feel about that?